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Good Terror
by Alina Stefanescu


By folding the letters IZL and LHI
longways then back one gets a swan:
the metaphysical origami equivalent
of an IDF, transliter’s iteration.
Revolutions describe how one group
folds itself into another draft a new
template we adapt the mandates and
hallow freshly-minted methods.

Before folding, the IZL fireworked
its way across ancient maps
Palmah squads exploding civilian
hotels one night ten simultaneous
bridges bombed every storied bond.
Because only terror will cleanse the
land of Arabs before being folded
into origami desk pet paper tigers.

Before being folded into British file
folder archives reveal draconian IZL
methods making evacuation not an
option only determined resolve to
slaughter being the simplest fold.

While folding hides forbidden facts
and garish goiter lipstick stains we
crease over “morally reprehensible”
make a wing of “efficient tactics”
a long, graceful neck of “territory”
a splendid beast, finally,
the grace of good terror.


David Evans, Feature Editor

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