aashish thakur



It is easier to remember a number than a name

Easier to remember a number than a face

So what they did

Is erase noses, eyes and lips from their faces

And turn them into zeros

A good number to live with

Because zero demands nothing

Zero has no start, no finish

It is empty like our promised hopes

You don’t need files to remember zeros

Zero multiplied equals zero

Zero plus zero equals zero

And zeros fit easily into coffins

Soon they will turn everything into a big zero

And call it Earth.


She doesn’t want smooth skin

She is a third world girl
Living like a timid squirrel
She needs hair, to live safely

Ghettoes, Gulags, Auschwitz at every nook and corner
Acid is boiling in the disguise of hot tea
Her dignity lies in her silence
She has to bend her head to walk proudly

She is a gazelle
Not allowed to take a leap
Hyenas have gifted her chain of freedom

And there are posters in the streets:
“A female terrorist wanted…dead or alive”
She had planted bombs of desire
On her bare hands and visible legs.


Learned lover

Since you are saying a final goodbye to me,
Collecting your belongings
(Though you cannot cut your lips from my chest)
I am compelled to ask a final question:
“Is love an eternal tenant in my heart
Or was it you, who brought it?”
If your answer is the former
Then I am losing nothing
And if you answer the latter
Then I will be wealthier
Because now
One has to pay higher rent
For my heart.


Your eyes are not like the sea…

and night doesn’t slumber in your hair
I am neither enchanted by
your mountains, streams and valleys
nor your wild and nomadic jungle fragrance

None give the address of your body

But the desert at noon,
the desire of its thirsty soil,
the benevolence of a cotton flower…
all are metaphors of you

and when I utter the word “autumn”
you run towards me with a thousand empty hands.



Keep eternity and your words
Give me moments of silence
Keep your heart
Because you need to be loved
Rather than to be in love.

All I need is a summer,
A hot noon and parched land
Because there is rain enough
Inside me.



Night is as silent
As my heartbeats
Unable to utter your name
It is as silent
As a mirror,
the enemy of my eyes.
Night never smiles
Like a mother, whose solitude
Is bigger than her hopes
Night, be my friend —
I have already lost the day.



And it was nothing
but nostalgia
and the wind and the window;
no sky,
a clock on crutches
and a few cold love letters;
an iceberg inside your breast
and a Sicilian volcano in my chest.
That’s all,
this should be the end.
But sometimes life replaces full stop
with a comma.



Summer is here
Sparrows are nowhere,
Thousands of dry fingers
And a tree
Inside me,
Heart, a lonely mountain
Eyes — fountains
Windows opening in
A sky burned by sun
And a thirsty well
With nothing to tell.
Just dry poems
Waiting for rain.

If only I could see the future;
My tombstone will be blank, or?
Doesn’t interest me
But I want to see
A falling sky and your departure;
The invitation to spring and my happy lips
Do not count…
But I want to see
The pain of autumn and your aging fingers
And the distant dream of blurred boundaries;
Makes me laugh
But I want to see
The exchange of smiles by neighbors
And green grass crushed only by children.


Homeland is a distant dream

There is no one other than you
who thinks of you,
no memories, only
your own mirror image:
this loneliness is born of infidelity.

I have found empty envelopes in my letter box
and you will find words running through my nerves;
now I can fill the sky with verses,
but beloved soil
I have lost your address.



Instead of the word “Rose”
I used these:
“You are like a beloved one’s lips,
Oh Protector of life’s nectar,
Give me a sip”

And I cheated the poem.



If you marry her
She will seek divorce
Make her
Your beloved mistress
She will carry you
To eternity. 


Act of love

We were in love
and longing for truth
And now since we have found it
let’s perform love’s funeral
on the bed.


A short poem bigger than the universe

The distance between two words
Can be more than a million years
But should be less than
The gap between heart and tongue.
The length of a phrase
Can compromise oceans
But its depth should be less than
The height of a green grass blade. 


Flowered fools

Dreaming about one

Who prefers a newspaper from a coffee table

Leaving your eyes unread …

Who isn’t even aware of your footprints

Who gives more importance to a ticking clock

Than to your pauses

And some believe

There is no connection
Between empty pockets and wedding rings


Corners should be kept empty

So that we can see

How one wall sends kisses to another;

Because of this mutual affection

We have roofs over our heads.

An empty corner is a space

Where it is easy for a spider to make a web

And a web is a reminder

We all exist because we are connected.

Corners are asylums of wounded hopes

They say: let there be empty corners in our hearts too

Because Love needs space to grow

Before it conquers the whole world.



Let there be keys without locks

Let there be dictionaries without words

Let there be homes without doors

Let there be silence

When we speak of love

Let there be grace in our walk

So that our poems will not be shamed

Let there be matchboxes without sticks

Because our children need them empty

To preserve their childhood memories

Let there be a metaphor in a worker’s sweat

Because dewdrops alone cannot carry poems on their shoulders

Let there be a marriage (without a ceremony)

Between a gun and a flower

Because empty streets carry loneliness

And caged birds are always sad

Let roots be rewarded

Because you look beautiful with flowers in your hair

Let clouds be rewarded

Because before prayer we all need to wash our hands

Let there be peace in our minds and daggers at hand
And blunt knives in our pockets

Just in case …

Let there be nakedness between all of us

So we can look into each other’s eyes

And say: “Our daughters are safe in each other’s gardens.”

Let there be nakedness between all of us

So when we make love

We make love to our beloved only

Let there be no history

Because we exchange hugs and kisses in present time;

Let there be no geography

Because the contours of love are powerful enough

To define our boundaries;

Let there be no mathematics

Because nature never counts her blessings

And let there be a finite infinity in our lives

And enough strength in our legs

So our walks toward horizons will not falter

And we fall like autumn leaves.



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