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I was born in the US and have travelled and lived in many places. BA from UC Berkeley in English Literature, and etc. I'm a poet, editor, translator and photographer.

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Black and white
by Warda Al Barbar
Beneath her sooty
eyelids dreams shrink.
A tapestry of magical beauty
collides with a muddy fleet
surfing on her cheeks and
sapphires sporadically sparkle
between dark pebbles.

A black cat’s wish
is roaming through her savage jinx
loathe to wean off
vindictive desires
and the pistol-false cunning
in vulture smiles.

Satanic hands knot
white shrouds
to soothe her volcanic sinning
and cover the dormant devil
digging a black and white
epitaph on her heart,
staggering as oblivion;
villainous crimes
from dungeons to barbarous scruples
flout the soul of hell.

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