lutfa hanum salima begum


A Letter

The grass wrote a letter
To the sky
The wind came and carried it

The sky flits about
Looking for a shower of rain
To send its reply



Since long there had been many holes
In hell

Now a hole has appeared
In heaven too
The teardrops of heaven
Are falling to the ground
Drop by drop
Through the hole

In a flood of
Unearthly happiness
The earth is deluged


Plant Yourself

He handed me a flute
To my lips in my dreams
And said

Makes tunes
I shall give you sorrow

What shall I do with sorrow

Build a house of happiness

If the house of happiness
Wafts away in the tears

Silt would get deposited on the heart

What would happen then

Life would become fertile
Plant yourself there


The bird is flying

The bird is flying around
Over hills and dales, over rivers and brooks
It flies

If it could find a tree
To rest its pairs of fined wings
And tiny throbbing heart

If it could find such a tree
As tall as the rain
With branches and leaves
As long as a river

On it would it have made a nest
As large as the Sun
In the breast of the eggs once again
Would it have yellowed itself

To sleep in its mother’s breast


No one turned up

No one turned up

In the festive cresset of love
The lamp kept glowing

I dug through the night
But didn’t strike water


Water Fish Waves

Have you ever become water
Have you tried being a fish

Waves in the heart of water
Waves inside the wave’s heart
Fish in water
Fish in creels
Fish caught in nets
Pale colourless fish
Have you even tried being
In some one’s tears
Rippling like live fish

There are fishes
In the heart of waves
Waves in the heart of fish
In the boatman’s heart
Even in the fisherman’s heart
Fishes of the waves

Try being sometime


The Fallen Leaves

The fallen leaves want
A green passage
Back to the branches of trees

The birds want
To be yellow inside eggs
The river wants
That the dead fish return

The shadow wants
To be trees
To be human hearts
The smoke wants a red path
Back to the heart of the fire

The water would be stones
The stones want to dissolve
In human hearts

And me, melting in you
Seek a passage back to me
Through the green

Through water stones
Words and tunes



I have been remembering happiness
For a long time now

It had been a long time that it left me
Planting a kiss on my forehead of sadness

Actually no one perceives
When happiness comes and departs
Heard that happiness arrives
Sometimes riding proudly on the stallion of fortune
Sometimes alighting on the train of peace
It keeps on coming slowly spanning centuries
It is not the property of happiness
To come easily and frequently
Sometimes entering through the tunnel of wind
The fountain of happiness flows secretly
Moving amongst gain laughter joy
Happiness is actually king of itself
But happiness is impatient and restless
Dreamy and sensitive
Rising momentarily setting momentarily
Happiness makes people to laugh and cry
But wherever it stays
Stays like a king
Flutters like a flag

Though remaining in the same orbit of truth
Sadness can never get to behold
The beauty of happiness

Both are actually
Quite lonely



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