sandeep kalathimekkad



Death is the ultimate passerby
Has knowledge
Beyond what you have tread
Has seen lives
Of all those towards their end
Has taken lives
Of all those you have known
Has such knack
To enter with not even a knock
Has full access
To all your locks and all doors
Has surprised
Even the ones who are calm
Has least care
For age, sex, caste or of what kind
Has laughed
During war, famine and fascism.



Somehow I am stuck here at your gates
Unsure whether to enter, or just digress

Insecure in myself, as I’m at your door
And you are just a master of disguises

Somewhere, twisted, are our fates
Impure with each other’s faithfulness

Uncured of an illness from another center
And me a mere mortal awaiting demise.


Ode to Optics and Particle Physics

Maybe tomorrow these so called tree-lovers
May not show any hesitation
before burning seeds with laser;

Let all rotten science too die –
And from them, let take birth
Built upon newer levels of understanding
With neutrinos, manifold dimensions of spacetime
Instructing mathematical strings overflowing
From forty two vessels in their clinging,
In chirps, rotation and lunacy, let that be
For now the direction and magnitude of this photon.


Have You Enough Room

The room is made of six chess-boards
Each forming walls,
Left, right, front, back, down, up, inside, outside
There are eight instead of six
The last two you cannot see;
Inside is past and outside is future
So you are going from inside to outside
Or if you have read and thought about
Many of Heidegger’s interpretations of Nietzsche,
You can believe it is vice-versa
Living from outside to inside.

So if you are sure
Of not going through any objective transformations
Or if you have not started understanding it now
Then you can treat all this and
The room as a particle in the box.

Remember, you are not a cat;
Also, you are not inside a cage.

The one hundred and ninety-two pieces,
Thirty-two each from each board,
Have all fought with themselves and gone out
Some even started fighting
With the others on another board
They all knew nothing
Of what they are fighting for.

Three white kings, two black rooks, a black queen,
Twenty-three white pawns, five black knights, and
A black or white bishop were arguing
About why you think you were unsuccessful
In your previous assignment
Or past relationship; choose the one
That you think you failed in.

Now do you want to come out of the room?
Wait until when you start realizing that
You are also a piece, either black or white
And after realization go looking for someone
With the other colour and attack them;
That is your last chance to escape,
To come out of the room.


Opportunities of Globalisation

The spider was inviting its prey
To play tennis
Sudden rain
Match cancelled
In place of the live telecast
Let’s have some commercials
About pesticides
Or germ-sprays
Or coffins on discount.

When you daydream about a carnival
Walking hand-in-hand with your lover
Sudden rain
Spoils make-up
Surrealism kicks in a ball
Let’s go visit that museum
Exhibiting abstract art
Or minimalist music
Or to a ball-game with the moon.

Eating soup with a silver spoon
Failing to realise the onset of –
Sudden pain
Dinner table is dirtied
Let’s ring up a dentist and discuss
The inflation of fuel
Or farmer suicides
Or an old rotten tomato.


Tree in Flames

The tree is in flames, there
Through the open window
Fast tracks can be slow
When you are in a hurry
To install headphones on deaf ears.
Mountains wearing blue
Mourning the lost season
Morning of a silent spring
When the violets whisper
About violence all day long.

Through the window
The tree is lit up in yellow
Leaves of last year fallen
Forgotten with the wind
That blew outside all night.
A canvas bathed in darkness
Like a blind dream sequence
Wrinkled sky and whistles
Coming from a nowhere land
Inhabited by invalids.


Ultimate Truth is a Big Lie

Living this life is true deception
Cheating one’s soul till that moment
When the last breath nears to reveal itself;
Hiding the truth of death until then;
What else is this if not self-deception.

Yesterday a crow gave birth to a poem,
An enemy of mine came to meet me.
I told him that I am someone else
Since he had never seen me before.
He went away; I was telling the truth.

A friend will come to advise me
Tomorrow when foxes roam in daylight.
I will tell him that I am someone else
Since he has known me all my life.
He will stay; I will be called a liar.


Carnal Desire

Why are so many worms of guilt
Eating the inside of my head?
This will leave me with no face
Under my clown-mask.

They ate up both of my eyes
Long ago, during last winter;
I was totally blind for a year.
I should be thankful.

My ears can only receive thunder
But nobody has been singing
Any sweet melodies for years.
Deafness can be a remedy.

They cannot eat the two tunnels
As they are inhabited by fungi
Which are bitter and poisonous;
My nose will be excluded.

Before they bite my broken lips
And embrace my still tongue,
Scratch between my fragile teeth,
I wish for a kiss of universal love.


Gathered Stones Speak Again

Mist lingers around again
Even in this late afternoon,

A thin veil over the face

To hide guilt and insanity.
Frequenting these ghettos

With dejection’s lampposts,

Searching for the apologies,

Listening to one’s own footsteps.
Most painful are not words -

But hard stones of silence.

One particular stone from there

Caused a deep mortal wound.
As the best place to hide a leaf

Is in a forest, I decided to throw

That stone back to the dead earth

But then, earth started to bleed.


I See an End on the Road

Roads after the rain formed mirrors

But travelers moved too fast

To put their reflections in them.

There weren’t any trees by the roadside
For a mirror’s reflection either.

So I sat down by the road and looked

At my face in its shine –
Partly out of sympathy for the mirror,

Also to see the frown on my face.

Then a truck that most loved a fast pace

Skidded on the slippery road and hit me;

I am sure I saw no fear on my face

In the reflection, just before I died.



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