warda al barbar

A dream inside a dream

It is that speechless song
And noisy silence
of benighted angels.

A dream weaves a dream
Begets timeless images
Cuts into ugly hubs of moaning
As fast as clouds
Meeting sun beams.
They surrender virtuously.

A dream is the realm of infants
And newborns’ untold stories.

A dream inside a dream
Is eternity within fate’s lap
Cradled in a spacious orb
Like a blue pigeon catching light
From a sable-hideous night.

Children shall smile in dreams
And motherhood’s inquiry to heaven
As sighs and letters of victory
Shall be heard as canons.



How many necklaces
Broken like my bones
One linked to another
When the sun is up
Torn and spread out

At night
Finally we realize
That we are incomplete
A stifling couple
Distance our future home
No meeting will gather us again

I lost a smile within your days
I see no happiness beaming

Let my wings swim
Beneath an entranced sky
Let me breath love
And believe that angels exist

Let me shape my dreams
And watch the sun
Rising in the west


Oh dreams

Let me see the shadow of your hands
How do you build my soul?

Oh dreams let me see the wind
In which you transformed
My wishes into plays in the sky

Oh dreams let me see the
Ink of your truth to write an ending
For my endless ambitions

Oh dreams show me the camera
Of your vigilance, I want to capture
The details you never miss

Oh dreams show me your dream
To dream that you’re the only dream
I have to dream and believe in the end
That you’re just a dream


December the first

A sleepless night with a jaguar
On a bed of distancing

There is no hearts’ fusion
In feeling’s chemistry,
But magical interaction
Happening on a rope of electrical love
Fast as the fire of a waiting mutinous army
Slow as a desirous sight melting on me
Long as exposed letters seeping from my body

We skipped the train of foamy promises
Relieved the famish of past pains
Dodged the indigent moments of loneliness
Then weltered in abundant holiness


Holly ink

Dreams inside
The holly ink
Talk with a dumb
Tongue …
Smell like the truth
In the smoke of a divine Pen …
My eyes pray in every
Dream …
My dreams pray in every
Wish …
My wishes pray in every
Breath I inhale …
When would my prayers
Dwell in a vein
Of a non sinful heart
When would my strength
leave the muscles
Of granny swags
When would my beauty
Delete its shadow
In obscuring mirrors

No book equals
The dreamless eyes …
Blind is the only
word that signifies this

I can fly when I pray to dreams
When I beseech and when I kneel


Black and white

Beneath her sooty
eyelids dreams shrink.
A tapestry of magical beauty
collides with a muddy fleet
surfing on her cheeks and
sapphires sporadically sparkle
between dark pebbles.

A black cat’s wish
is roaming through her savage jinx
loathe to wean off
vindictive desires
and the pistol-false cunning
in vulture smiles.

Satanic hands knot
white shrouds
to soothe her volcanic sinning
and cover the dormant devil
digging a black and white
epitaph on her heart,
staggering as oblivion;
villainous crimes
from dungeons to barbarous scruples
flout the soul of hell.


Letter to my sister

I sailed the sea of mourning,
forlorn but canopied
with your virtuous soul.

Upon crying waves
I dropped my remembrance
as an anchor, to abstain
between the eastern sun
of forgettables
and the western moon
of ignorance,
a compass I lost
when I heard your mellow
voice murmuring
in a melodious dream …
waves swallowed me
when I saw your coy smile
painting an archaic picture
of a crowned epoch.

I found myself safe, but taken
by memories that grieve me.
Not alone; your mother
drank the sea to beget you again
and your father is a shore of sadness
standing to erase death.


Starlings of freedom

you tie straps of fierceness
on my years, drop them on
my opal eyelids,
spooking my far dreams
and grins that
slumber in gloomy mirth.

You shaved the sunbeams
to raise my dusky life,
I weltered in the lividness
of strangled orchids
to sing the compassion
you peevishly stifled
to an echo, bewildered
in the hurricane of your
mulish opera …

My voice is still relapsing
at the corners of your anguish,
a palace of arrogance,
yet foraging starlings of freedom
indulge my beauteous
smile immersed
in souls of exquisite
prayers ….


Mosaic Kisses

briskly flew
to me like
squeaking love vows.

I let one perch on
my entranced
yet peeved
heart like a willow
kneeling to patience
on apostolic meadows.

My crammed limbs
of hope grappled
with yews
to send
a mosaic breeze
of kisses
that dawdled to tickle
your shadow
and lavishly
doted on you.


Queen Kahina’s trinket

My ancestors’ wrinkles of valour
poured lines of pride
on my palm,
divulged to me a surfeit
of heydays
that bloomed into my fate.

No astrologer
could decipher
the divine harvest of martyrs
that lay as beacons of courage
on my desirous veins.

A fortune teller predicted
that my blood will be a wine
of Eden,
my knees will crawl
with comets around the sun,
my craving heart will scurry
upon the moon,
daffodils will beseech
the drizzling in my eyes;
hitherto she did not know
that around my neck I wear
Eve’s stone of serenity stamped in
Queen Kahina’s trinket of glory
glowing everlastingly
upon the shrine
of my bright destiny.


Never say No Way

Detach your soul
born on a sad day
and touch the infinite Hope ray.
Wash your hands
of laziness clay.

You will watch opportunities
running onto your path
in commitments
and big decisions; never dawdle.

Believe in your dreams
and trust in what they say.
You will receive the power of faith
after a short delay.

To succeed, don’t wish
while lingering on a bed of pleasures;
you must struggle
until you blossom
and lay upon the moon.

Who said that it’s impossible
to color your shadow
or illuminate its gray?
Remember that it’s your goal
and to reach it
you have only to make some sacrifices.

Do it, and Never Say ‘No Way’



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