Katerina Katsiri


The Black Sea

Once known as the inhospitable sea,

a vastness you knew so well,

how often you navigated, coursed

your way from Europe to the Atlantic.

Also remembered as Noah's flood. 

Byzantine, city of the missing,

buried.  Marriage with the Mediterranean.

The consistency of sand clings

to my memories, waves break across

my breast, my heart melts into foam.

Your life still lives with me.  There are days

I wake up thirsty from an oceanic dream,

wind tossed and tired, a seagull’s wing-beat

makes me from your open mouth.

                               Lisa Zaran

There are many times I think

I do not love the sea.  I cling to the desert

floor with both feet and soak up the sun

like an armor.  You loved the sea

from the time you were born until

the hour of your last breath.