From many places, speaking truth
and making magic happen. Celebrating language.

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Celtic Journey Celtic Galactic Maps Moon Walk
Cosmic Dust Old Man Walking Poetry
Voices of the Planet Pebbles in the Sand The Endless Sea
Haiku Rabbit in My Garden Man and Microbes
December Rain Moons of Jupiter The Tail of the Comet
The Millenium Ball Carbon Copy Moonscape
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Celtic Journey

Begins at sunrise
As the Milky Way spirals
In the universe;
Spiraling into stone.

Captured at stone henge,
Following the Celtic Journey;
Reborn on the solstice day.

Celtic Galactic Maps

Worlds form in the mysterious universe,
Molecules and lightning dances;
Stars dance with each other
And supernovas unite.

Galaxies spin and spiral like pin wheels
On a Celtic map of the galaxies written
On stones,
As the Celts made galactic maps
Of universes galore.

Moon Walk

The first men on the moon take
a walk,
the first moon walk to which man
gave birth.
Among the starlit vistas they see
a new land
where America's flag now stands.
Their footprints map the ground
like the first human footprints
on earth.

Cosmic Dust

Particles spread in the universe's galaxies,

energies to the 'nth degree,

hanging above the spiral gloom of galaxies within themselves;

a lasting impression,

the big bang is still happening,

recycled back into the black hole to begin

all over again;

cosmic dust like mega particles of energy

drift back into the universe.

Old Man Walking

He moves like a spider on the sidewalk

dashing forward with his cane,

stepping back,

becoming like a Greek riddle:

first a baby,

then a man;

then a baby again.

I watch my father's decline

like a line drawn on the sand.

Two steps forward,

two steps back.

Now he can't read this poem

lying on his bed.

He no longer cares for this world

as he waits to pass on.

The old man is walking into space.

Poetry I

Paper like canvas,

pen in hand like brush,

I stretch words like paint

into metaphor

with each stroke.

Voices of the Planet

In the winds of the planet,
our home is full of the sound of voices
crying out
music, laughter, talk in many languages.
The planet earth is a slowly dying world.

The voices of the planet
speak of global warming, deforestation, fires;
wars and famines rage on.
All around the globe
we carve our niche into earth then disappear,
all cultures that once were the voices of the planet.

Pebbles in the Sand

They rolled in motion nder the waves

Of the ocean.

Rolling out to sea,

Sand blasted smooth like eggs,

They shine all sparkly in the sunlight.

The pebbles roll in motion

Under the ocean water on the shore;

The waves jolt them up and down among

The sea shells.

The Endless Sea

Reaches from shore to shore,

Waves relentlessly spill over

Again and again

As the sun sets rising on a

Distant shore,

Around the world another time.

It is the endless sea reaching out,

Stretching the vast tide

It can't hide any more.


Seagull's laughter
Breaks over ocean;
Waves wash shore.

Mouse sits by computer,
Quietly clicks
Then becomes silent.

Monitor rests,
Screensaver appears
Like a mirage.

Rabbit in My Garden

A rabbit sleeps in my backyard
he wakes

yawning once, he yawns twice.

Suddenly he scurries

then stops

shaking both paws and feet.

He grooms from front to back,

then scurries to the garden;

gazing back, he grazes on choice grasses.

Man and Microbes

They both swarm upon the earth,
a world within a world
inside the macrocosmic universe.
They are dispersed to breed
from God's divine seed.
Like a terrarium in a fishbowl,
a baby in a bubble,
gravity like an umbilical cord draws us in.

Microbes swarm all over the planet earth,
they surge forward to the death,
on the march towards destiny:
mirror images of each other.

December Rain

Is falling and it's so cold outside,
it doesn't seem like Christmas now
as snow falls in the mountains way above.
It came when dad was ill,
the rain falling on us all.
It could have been snow instead.

Moons of Jupiter

Are gathered around
hanging in orbit,
large and small moons
reclining quietly in space
as the surface of Jupiter moves,
an ocean of gases swirling.
The moons of Jupiter
are like bobble on Jupiter's rings.

The Tail of the Comet

By the tail of the comet he flew,
strewing stars about -
one, two, three then four
and more and more
scattered across the galaxy.

The Millenium Ball

The new millenium began as the ball
dropped on New Years, 2000.
The Bible says a 1000 year reign of peace;
Mayans say the world will end in 2012.
Let's watch the ball drop and see what happens
as the sun heats up in the millenium.

Don't let the ball drop.

Carbon Copy

In a parallel universe is a carbon copy,
another earthlike planet:
one God,
one vision,
man and woman unite.

Mirror image DNA,
carbon copies of every
parallel and paradox;
we are on God's clock
until it stops.


Beyond the earth lies a desolate moonscape
where man reached out to God;
on a sandy sea of rock,
there man's footprints will always be.

Washed by the cosmic waves,
baked by the sun's rays
is a place on the moon
where Armstrong and Aldrin play.