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The Ring Tracks The Meeting
A Whisper Flux One Way Street
Truth It Life
Long Ago Shapes, Colors, Notes Shadow
Subterfuge Vertex
He The White Line
The Last Laugh
Nothing If Only You
The Metronome One Way Street
My Finest and Best
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The Ring

This ring is wide and round

Smooth and golden silk

It seems to have no end

Or possible beginning

This ring is close and square

Coarse and orange rust

It seems to have an end

And possible beginning

Whether ring is wide and round

Or coarse with orange rust

The ring that seemed to have no end

Was the other ring beginning


Dunes they were sand
They formed by waves
Came from the sea on
Earth by the moon
That circle in the sky

On a star is fire but
On the wayside planet
There is myriad life
Wandering in the shadow
Pale in the death of the moon

I revolve and am revolved
In this world of worlds.
The tracks are set for the stars.
At night my tracks in snow
Are filled. I can not return

The Meeting

Water past this line is sky. The

City in reserve evades my eye

While the sea is lapping faster

When we turn

A whisper, muffled voice is silent

Above the shuffling feet, the gentle

Murmur of the sea. The water line holds

As we turn

Whose many hands and hearts built those

Piercing structures; the nights sky line.

Whose minds and hearts and bodies are

Now in them

On this ferry all alone a hundred

Darting eyes. Not a word is said until

The bitter wind gathers strength in the dark

Speaks in words

Who are you? And light my cigarette

Past the yellow flame a yellow face

From the past; she smiles her answer with

Laughing eyes

The sea lapping, laps again and the

Only rhythmic sound, until she turns

And leaves her shuffled feet, the dark wind

In her hair

A Whisper

What is more powerful

Than a whisper

The silent lightning

That strikes without



Relegate me

To the half sense


In the half light

Of a morning

When endless change

Becomes the constant

Near the light

A fluted moth

Falls into darkness

And flutters round

In smaller circles

Turning always closer

To kiss the light

Then falls again

Into the darkness

One Way Street

A cigarette smoked

Is irredeemable

A life burns out

The same way

Quickly irrevocable

And in one direction


You will never ever know

The truth of what happens

To you

For you are the entity

And become the truth


It only

Builds upon itself

And builds

Again upon

Until it

Is understood

By the clapping

Of all the hands

Then it lives

Only to build

For the echo

Of the clapping

Until the sound

Falls on its shadow

The last half laugh

New Millennium

I see the new Millennium

Bringing a technology


To the point where

Humans and machines

Melt together

Leaving us unable

to distinguish


Who is Human

And who is

Just a clever robot.


Life is so complex

The simple

Understood it best

For the error squares

With each stride

Of understanding

Long Ago

Where are you
With me
Where are
You taking me

Myself I only
Want to go
Only where
Where I want
To go

Where are you
taking me
What strange place
I don't want

To know

Or was I
A long time

Shapes, Colors, Notes

First squares

Then circles


Proceed before

My startled


I see

The colors

Insistent and

I feel

The notes

Each separate

And pure

The sense

Of time

Between the


Is like

A century

Red merges

Into orange


Then to

Blazing gold

Each sure


Propels a

Spinning cube

Into a

Colored sphere

Slowly then

The shapes

Become one

The notes

Sound the


And the

Color is



Beyond the sunset

Is the shadow

We never find

Instead of following

It remains

Over the next hill

Never to be seen


Calculation of numbers
Will show the arc
Consistent to
Retaining a
Circular form or
Relenting to
A drop
See the drop
And only hang
With it
And await the
Action of
The proper law
To hang or
Fall to
Whatever, you know
That there is


When the calm allays the tide
I step forth without concern
The recess in the pocket
Has left the point

When the force of time oblique
Leads the white and vacant void
To the vertex of the black
Project this point

I know the speed of movement
Without the sense of axis
Is alien within the self
Wander from this point

Tick of time that can transfix
Line from force to final space
Can draw the rising tide
To the fatal point


In the land
Of nowhere
Is the land
Of everywhere

The mind
Inside of itself
Is the mind
Outside of itself

The eye
That sees
Is the eye
That is blind

The land
Of the known
Is the land
Of the unknown

The universe
Of no beginning
Is the universe
Of no ending

The realm
Of the living
Is the realm
Of the dead

The hand
Of the slayer
Is the hand
Of the slain

For no man
Is all things
Yet each man
Is everything


Negated the thoughts
Of all the first
And the second
And even the third
Of all the even numbers
All the odd
And all the fractions
In between

Negated all the names
Beginning with A
Beginning with B
Or Z
And all the people
In between

Negated the seas
All the oceans
And the arctic
The deserts
Plus the tropics
And all
The temperate zones

Foreclosed upon
His mortgage
Took a lease
Upon his life
Upheld his
Life insurance

Reviled his wife
And sued for cruelty
Left his babies
In the rain
(The sun came out
and dried them up)

Found himself
Under some damp porch
With only
A green lizard
Staring in his eye

And there he stayed
One green lizard
One blue eye
While all the rest
Of time and space
Rumbled faintly by

The White Line

I know that

Only people

Really die

All others

Settle for less

So I drive

On the white line

In traffic

When horns honk

I honk back

I have my line

So I can drive

Till the traffic

Speeds up for

The rush hour

The Last Laugh

I want to die

But how can I tell him

I would rob the Dr. of victory

If he succeeds in keeping me alive

And myself of the pleasure

Of not willing my own death

He works feverishly on the dying part of me

While I stare at his intent eyes

I am calm like an endless expanse of sea

Finally not caring

Whether he succeeds

Or I do


In the end

Everything that people say

Amounts to nothing

Nothing is everything

Everything is nothing

If Only

If only

I had known

What the past was

Before the future came

What the woman was

Before the marriage came

What a family was

Before the children came

What youth was

Before old age came

What life was

Before death came


Knowing radiance
That melting gems
Do not possess

Finding jewels
In water fountains
What can you know

You see the color
But I just hear
The water flow

The Metronome

Every hour
And five minutes
The hands bisect
The timeless face

I watch closely
I keep track
The sound of ticking
Is part of me

I let the clock
Tick time away
Like a phantom
In the day

When it is night
In my sleep

One Way Street

A cigarette smoked
Is irredeemable
A life burns out
The same way

Quickly irrevocably
And in one direction

My Finest and Best

I shall lie in my underground crypt
Cool and serene, stiffly stretched out
Clothed in my finest suit of death
No lover's hand shall clasp my own
My lips sealed with my last death thought
No sight shall peer through my closed eyes
Nor simplest thought arouse my brain
By day, the birds shall sing, the people walk
By night, the leaves shall rustle, the stars shine

In time, no feet above shall stumble along
No mourners shall whisper, shall still the air
Gone, they join the same mute darkness