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Really Weird De-tract Newton in a Bell Jar
Toying with Eternity When Pilate Heard Theories of Relativity
The Parting Amen Crystal Ball
One-To-One Om Biography
Forget the Prozac The Word
Cold Driving Rain
Gathering The Wake of Destruction
The I's Don't Have It
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Really Weird

To you it seems

weird, strange

simply because perhaps

you havenít allowed the time

for the thing to become



Confront the negative

to achieve a better

Hide and suffocate the negative

to destroy the promise
of the future.

Newton in a Bell Jar

The physical world is the hologram
of the spiritual
the psyche itself subject, in like law, to
the same pull of gravity
equal and opposite in reaction to
physical truth

We might say the world
is a mind unto itself
whereby we become
better than we are

The ordinary atom split
into a cosmos
too incredible

For words.

Toying with Eternity

The things that really matter in this world

Donít pay a dime
Not worth the occupation
The trivial infinitely more
Compelling artistries toward
The buying and selling of widgets
Ignoring with the simple
Thumb of a childish nose

The things that really matter.

When Pilate Heard

The Word
Walked through the streets openly
Without fear

A threat to the rule and order
Of the time
Better to eradicate it quickly

Before it aroused the passions of the
Stirred peasants to revolt

Upset emperors in far-off
Dictates, wary of news
Brought by impertinent messengers

Surely, this crucifixion would be
A quick end to the nuisance
And the pressing business of the

Could continue without the slightest

Theories of Relativity

Absolute Truth

if there is such a thing
cannot be perceived
by humans with limited
we are pre-programmed
to see only certain things
a fraction of information
from an unqualified source
therefore we have
relatively speaking
only a relative understanding
relative to what we need to believe
relative to that great unknown
constant we call


The Parting

I am sad

for myself

why didnít I take more time to
why wasnít I there more often
why didnít I express the
why couldnít I be

time does not wait
too late
I am sorry
for myself

she is gone

and I left behind
am bereft
must weep
for myself
never to see her

but she has passed beyond
these mortal dying days
no more pain
no more fear
no more this fatal human
she is cradled in the loving arms of God
I must not weep for her
she is free

and I turning away from myself
finally know

death can never part the love
between two souls

she lives here yet within my heart
and will always


They believed
Life was not to be enjoyed, but
Endured, moment by challenging

Moment, and so it was
Until at last after so much
Struggle, the end came

And all that beautiful
Life, turned ugly
Seemed so far, far away.

Crystal Ball

I look into the future sometimes and see 


My own and those I love 
The sadness is overwhelming 
The loss too great for pretense 
The leaving of this world 
The beauty of small things 
The smell of grass 
The touch of hand to cheek 
The flight of a sparrow in the wind. 

The time will come 
There is no escape 
There is only the living of every minute 


In the fullness of what is, and 
The truth of what must be. 


Relationships are
built on

some difference to be

Overlooked as a matter
of course

In shared experience is
the bond

Suffering one-to-one
joy in similar things

These bring heart and soul
in line of commitment

A link to last
through and beyond all time.


I am the meditation of my soul

In solemn words my heart believes
The mantra of my existence

My death and life but a circle

ĎRound a sound, soft breath
Peace in the stillness

No time, no matter, no place.


No one can be defined 
   in a word 
   or a sentence 
   or a book 

We are far too complex 
   for short answers and glib remarks 

The truth impossible to determine 
   in the distorted read 
   between blurring lines 
   without glasses. 

Forget the Prozac

Depression is the loco-motive 
     off the track of soul 
Careening into 

Valleys of darkness 
     crushed in gullies 
Water rusting through memory 

No way to retrieve 
   the hopeless wreck 
Without that crane of 


The Word

There is a word
In the dark, back wayward recesses of my brain
The perfect word
That fits the cadence and the rhyme
The word
That makes sense of all
The confusion
The word
That wonderful word
Is waiting
And all that remains
Is for me
To find it.

Cold Driving Rain

It's raining
Cold driving rain
Commuters rushing home from work
Home to hubby, wife and family
Spot and Cleo
And a fire on the stove
Another day of brutal business
Accounts are squared
And errands run
No more phone calls
No more hassles
Watch some boob tube
Think of sex
Spare some change, sir
Spare some change, ma'am
I haven't eaten for three days
You haven't washed for three days either
Get a job, you dirty bum
I wonder how my stocks are doing
Shelter some money in a tax-free fund
Spare some change, sir
Spare some change, ma'am
Walk past quickly and ignore him
He just wants a shot of booze
Please sir
Spare some change, sir
And the rain keeps pouring down...

All is quiet on the street now
Two a.m. of a Tuesday night
All is quiet, all is peaceful
Save for the drizzling of the rain
Gently tapping
The lifeless body
Huddled on the pavement
Spare some change.


The poet bears witness to the soul journey
That's why I'm here
That's why some may need to hear.

To the pass of blood and bone
In the fire of the spirit.

The Wake of Destruction

The world would be a far better place

If decisions were based upon

What is good for humanity, instead of

What is good for the bottom line.

How difficult would it be -

To shift our way of thinking?


A complete reversal of fortune.

But it is after all

What the future requires

Our selfish commodities no longer

Worth the price.

The world is much smaller than it used to be

The old ways of ignoring those around us

Prevent us now from seeing the truth

Of who we are and must become.

The Iís Donít Have It

I am limited by my language
I am limited by my culture
I am limited by my genes
I am limited

Until I walk outside my Self

See what a small creature " I " is

We laugh, all of us, together
A space infinite in its reach
Made glorious
By the resonance of our mirth.