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White Lily Of The Nile Near Tree Summer Autumn on the Mountains
A Big Cloud Trees are Silent The Moutain Under Fog
Gull & Love Birds Over A Tree White Princess
Road The Egret and the Little Fish Like a Pigeon's Flight
Life for Gulls A Butterfly on a Yellow Flower Who is more intelligent?
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White Lily Of The Nile Near Tree

The strong tree trunk tries to reach the sky
with its green leaves swinging in the wind
- it isn’t aware of the white thing,
a lovely flower standing near it

So high the sky, not possible to be reached
tree doesn't know this, grows as time passes
flower isn't ambitious, it is content to be there
shines with its white petals spreading peace

how short is the flower's life
compared with that of the tree
but it doesn't care about its demise
because new ones will appear after
as the tree provides them a wonderful arbor.


Summer writes its name
on the sea,
on the beach,
on the gull's wings
on the trawler
on the pebbles...
they shout summer, summer, summer

Then, it takes its rubber
and cleans everything it's written
Summer comes and goes
when we wink our eyes

Autumn on the Mountains

Autumn is on the mountains
Trees greet with yellowish colours
For whom is this mysterious beauty?
Who colours the sky and the trees?

Autumn is on the mountains
Pretty animals hide among the trees
What a wonderful life here God preserves
Different from the one in the cities

A Big Cloud

A big cloud covers the hill
and it moves secretly
nobody cares about the cloud
till the rain drops begin to fall
on the leaves, grass and people's cheeks

The leaves smile
the grass gets happy
but not the people
they complain about it

A big cloud covers the hill
and it moves secretly
it finishes its job
and dissappears suddenly
nobody cares it
except a poet lady

Trees are Silent

Trees stand still
Beauty is written on them
Especially when the autumn comes
Their leaves shine
In yellow, orange, red and green

Trees love melodies
Of birds and the leaves
Birds start early songs
Leaves sing with the winds

Trees love the life
They are strong enough
They listen to all the sounds around
But silence is their preference

Birds, please
Sing your best songs for trees!

The Mountain Under Fog

It seems huge from afar
the mountain under fog
but flowers on the ground
feel lonely and cold

Don't cry little ones
tomorrow, the sun will shine
It also cares about wild flowers
that wake up before the morning sun

Gull & Love

It opened its wings
as if hugging the skies
It was love felt between its wings
the only word covering the universe.

Birds Over A Tree

Birds fly over a tree
They form a circle
symbolizing their friendship and strength
Tree is their meeting point
giving them a place to rest...

Is the earth a resting place for us?
What if we lived there with friendship and peace
We are not birds
but human beings!

White Princess

Come kind and slow,

cover roofs, trees and roads.

Your dress attracts eyes

at the end of December.

Come with your beauty

white princess,

your beautiful whitenes:

children's love,


Our door is open,

could you come

and stay awhile?


I've been
on the road
where did it start?
where does it go?
where will it end?

a thin road
sometimes smiles
sometmes cries
trees on the each side
they just stand and say hi

i'm alone
on the road
with everybody
called human
each has a problem
enough for him

I've been
on the road
where did it start?
where does it go?
where will it end?
I have only a companion
God is my true friend.

The Egret and the Little Fish

The egret walks on the beach
and listens to the sound of the sea
She knows this sound
'how beautiful it is' she thinks
Then, there it comes...
a little fish
good for lunch
The egret eats the fish,
now she is the happiest bird in the sea
The sea sound becomes a wonderful melody.

Inspired by snowy egret in the surf, here.

Like a Pigeon’s Flight

When the day allowed eyes their sight
On the way…
There were three pigeons
Near the electric streetlamp
Automobiles went under it…
What a lot of wishes and ambitions in peoples’ heads
Nobody looked up and saw them
There were three pigeons
Near the electric streetlamp
Life is like a pigeon’s flight
Occupied with ambitions…

Life for Gulls

Sea is the home for gulls
They fly over the blue waves,
They land on water,
They hunt their dinner

Sea is gulls' universe
As big as they wish to live
They love windy days
They hug the big waves
They enjoy their lives
The sea, the wind and the sky...

More seagull poems here.

A Butterfly on a Yellow Flower

It's a silent, sunny day
A yellow flower hosts a butterfly
It feels very happy
Since an insect touches its petals kindly

What a beautiful place for a butterfly
Soft and easy to reach
Safe enough to stay awhile
They have a wonderful sharing together

The butterfly flies away
Leaving the flower behind
Having a little amount of honey
It's so glad

Who is more intelligent?

People give a bird as an example
when they talk about stupidity;
then it must be easy to know
where there's a fish to hunt
before one dives.
It must also be very ordinary
to dive as fast as a rocket
straight forward into the sea.
Dear Pelican,
who is more stupid,
you or me?

Could you tell me God
how you created pelicans
which can fly, dive, hunt
but have less intelligence than us?

(read a poem about a big pelican here)